About Us

What is Speyrer Brewing?

Speyrer Brewing is a home brewing operation started in early 2012 by me, Ryan Speyrer, in my Lafayette, Louisiana apartment. Since its inception, it has slowly grown from 5-gallon extract batches, to 10-gallon all grain brews, and currently 31-gallon batches complete with stainless steel conical fermentors and a bright tank. I have since moved out of my apartment to a house and now have a 625 square foot space built specifically for my home brewing. When I'm not brewing professionally at Parish Brewing Company in Broussard, Louisiana, I am usually working on some kind of experimental beer, trying out new styles, or working out a brewing proof-of-concept at home. I like to brew beer for myself to enjoy at home with friends and hone my own brewing knowledge and skills. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness!

The Brewhouse


For those of you interested in brewing setups, I brew on a 1-barrel Stout Tanks and Kettles Electric Brewhouse. It is comprised of a 40 gallon hot liquor tank, a 40 gallon mash tun, and a 45 gallon electric kettle. The fermentors and bright tank are non-jacketed, so temperature control is maintained by keeping them in upright freezers with temperature controllers to maintain proper temperature. I use a Blichmann Therminator heat exchanger and move wort around using march pumps. For fermentor and bright tank transfers, I usually use CO2 pressure to move beer around. I've done most of my brewing in a professional setting and I tend to emulate similar brewing practices at home.